Showcase your research and innovations at the AI and Electronics for Medicine conference expo area


Are you at the forefront of research or providing innovative solutions at the intersection of AI, electronics and medicine? The AI and Electronics for Medicine conference is the premier platform to showcase your work to an international audience of industry leaders, academic researchers, and healthcare professionals.


Our exhibitor packages are designed to ensure maximum visibility and ample networking opportunities throughout the event. All conference activities are conveniently located near the exhibition area, ensuring continuous engagement with attendees throughout the conference.

Rollup only

  • Attending alone and can't split up to follow the conference and staff a booth? Set up your own roll-up (max. 1m wide) to showcase your company.
  • Your Rollup on the expo floor
  • no conference ticket included

Logo Package

00 *
  • Your logo & link on our website, event- & networking app, sponsors-wall
  • 1 conference ticket

EXPO Small

00 *
  • Incl. Logo Package
  • 2 conference tickets
  • 2 sqm expo space (incl. carpet, power socket)

EXPO plus

00 *
  • Incl. Logo Package
  • 3 conference tickets
  • 4 sqm expo space (incl. carpet, 1 bar table, 2 chairs, power socket)

*) SEMECO & HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V. members receive a 25% discount

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Would you like to present yourselves in a different way? For example as:

  • Dinner Sponsor
  • Session Host
  • Sponsor Barista Station

or do you have any other ideas? Talk to us and let’s define the partnering package that suits your goals.


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Expo and Startups

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